That's the gist of it. What are my software choices for that kind of thing, if any?

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Both websites are organizations of some sort. They're in fact in mutual coalition. They want to engage in internal communications and debate among one another, to see the blog content on each others instance from their own, and be able to reply and all those typical kinds of interaction.

This can extend across more than two websites of course, but the federation would strictly be in a "mutually opted-in" two-way street. If one cuts the other off, then no future content is seen by one another.

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Is there blog-hosting software with "mutually private" ? I'll explain a bit since that might be poor choice in terminology.

You have two sites, and, both of which are private and have users who have blogs, but whose blogs can be viewed only if you're a user of that particular instance. So not public blogging to the entire open web.

Greetings to all reading. My name is Zach. Just posting this to say I'm not a bot. I'm not 100% sure if this instance is properly federating with the accounts I'm following but we'll see.

@apollo 👋 Yo, I dig the domain name, how long have you been running the instance?

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