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Project 365 2022.02.22-2022.02.28

For each day I take a photo to share here. Here are shots from the past week.

Ian Penn – “You Met Me When I was 23”

"You Met Me When I was 23", Ian Penn's new single, is another beautiful, tender song from a phenomenal songwriter.

100 Push-Up Challenge II Week 8

I got in two sessions of the push-up routine I did in the previous week for this one. I had hit a wall with the higher number of reps, so I'm hoping a reloop will allow me to push harder going forward.

-ups -ups

3DS Memories

Friday I shared some stats from my time with the Wii U that Nintendo generated and now I want to record the same for the 3DS. I'm using the tool My Nintendo 3DS & Wii U Memories.

100 Push-Up Challenge II Week 7

I have to put in real effort to complete the reps in the push-up challenge, especially in the last round with 50 consecutive reps. I'm increasing my strength but feel like I'm hitting a wall as the number of reps ramp up.

-ups -ups

Bloom Log 2022.02.12-2022.02.18

This week I had wide swings in how many steps I was able to get in, driven sometimes by weather and other times by obligations.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Ghibli-Style Theme

Channy and Kimberly created a lovely animation for Kromosohn's rearrangement of the Pokémon Legends: Arceus theme.


Project 365 2022.02.08-2022.02.14

For each day I take a photo to share here. Here are shots from the past week.

Tee’s Beats

Tee's Beats includes soundtrack highlights from Pokémon, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Donkey Kong Country. It's a wonderful set of songs.

100 Push-Up Challenge II Week 6

The push-up challenge continues to push me now that I'm doing more than 100 in a session. I have more endurance now, and feel a bit stronger.

-ups -ups

Lights – “Salt and Vinegar”

Lights' "Salt and Vinegar" is a delicious earworm, and the video to accompany the song has a clever vending machine aesthetic.

100 Push-Up Challenge II Week 5

I continue to find the push-up reps to be challenging and as I get closer to 100 total reps in a session over the next week I'm going to need to push myself significantly.

-ups -ups

Cory Doctorow on Emerging Vaccines

apartheid and the truly disgusting refusal of capitalists to relinquish patents to allow the world to produce and receive vaccines, while highlighting some very promising new developments.


Ozzga / Polar Lows Split

The new split EP from Ozzga and Polar Lows is a shoegaze treat. I've had this one on repeat and am thrilled to have something new from both bands.

Eberron Collector – Magic of Eberron

Eberron Archaeologist put out a pair of videos that do a thorough review of Magic of Eberron and explore how the content of that D&D 3.5E book can be used with the current D&D 5E. It's a testament to his dedication to the topic that each chapter and big idea is covered and thou

&D &Dragons

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