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Bloom Log 2022.01.08-2022.01.14

Each week I'm collecting the lifelogging bits from playing Pikmin Bloom and sharing them here. Here's a record of the steps I took and some photos taken while moving about this week.

Oh, Deer

Ryan Estrada put together a super fun illustrated mashup of Winnie the Pooh and Bambi to celebrate both original books finally joining the public domain and released it as a narrated video.

100 Push-Up Challenge II Week 1

Back in 2020 I did a 100 push-up challenge to start the year, building up to being able to do 100 push-ups at once. This year I want to do more to increase my strength and overall fitness, so I thought this would be a fairly simple way to start off and build a routine through the winter.

-ups -ups

Bloom Log 2022.01.01-2022.01.07

Since it launched back in October I've been playing Pikmin Bloom and using it to track my steps and record a rudimentary lifelog. Recently the app was updated to make sharing a simpler process, so now I'm exporting the daily snapshots and I'll share them here weekly.

Last week I walked along the Halifax waterfront for the first time in a while and snapped a few shots.

Skario Kart

of the soundtrack to that classic game. I was surprised by how enjoyable the whole thing is, even when it strays far from anything a ska purist would consider part of the genre.

2021 Music Review

ted scrobbling (tracking) the music I listen to on in 2004 and in 2021 I listened to more music than any year since 2008.


Run 2021.12.30

Today I was able to take another longer run and enjoy the second of the Always a Timesmaid missions in Zombies, Run!


Earlier this month the Voyages Kickstater closed and creators Matthew Dunstan and Rory Muldoon delivered the game just a couple weeks later. The game is a clever exploration game that uses a printable map and dice to simulate a seafaring adventure while leaving compelling choices to players.


Wavetale is a wonderful Stadia-exclusive action adventure game that marries intuitive and exciting gameplay with a touching and charming story.

Library of Korranburg: The Animals of Eberron’s Valenar Elves

Yesterday Eberron Archaeologist published the latest instalment in the Library of Korranburg, this time covering the intriguing animals of the Valenar Elves in Eberron. There are plenty of details in this thorough look at the e


Run 2021.12.23

I enjoyed the goofy typo-inspired Satan Claus mission that just arrived in Zombies, Run! thoroughly as I went from mid-peninsula, across the bridge and around Dartmouth.

Puuung’s A Warm Christmas Night

This year Puuung has produced another cozy, heartwarming animated video for Christmas.

In Reverie

Lilystars Records' IN REVERIE: A Lilystars Christmas Compilation instantly became one of few Christmas albums I treasure when it was released last year. The collection of original Christmas songs has a delightful variety owing to the wonderful artists on its roster.


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