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Disability Justice

about all of us do, so I was happy to see a great introduction to why it is important to inform our politics with a consideration of access from the latest episode of Srsly Wrong.

Library of Korranburg: Core Races of Eberron – Humans

There's another Library of Korranburg video out from Eberron Archaeologist and this one focuses humans and their place in the Eberron game world.

&D &Dragons

Run 2021.12.03

The second mission in the Hotel Hijinx story in Zombies, Run! was a lighthearted, goofy run.

Run 2021.12.02

The last training mission for the upcoming Zombies, Run! virtual race was the strongest so far in Jack & Eugene's World Tour.

Legend of Synthwave Deluxe

I was very into Helynt's Legend of Synthwave last year when I first heard it and now I'm thrilled there's a deluxe edition available with remastered and additional tracks.

Softcult – “Perfect Blue”

Softcult's new single "Perfect Blue" is an incredible earworm, gloomy and dreamy in equal measure.

Run 2021.11.22

This morning was my first snowy run of the season. I was bundled up so it was relatively painless.

lofi bards to study and relax to

Ross Eaglesham's lofi bards to study and relax to is a fantasy school tabletop RPG that is inspired by the Powered by the Apocalypse game system but focuses play on study and heart rather than combat and conflict.

Run 2021.11.22

Zombies, Run! was crashing throughout my run again, which was a shame because the story inspired by Fawlty Towers was lots of fun.

Library of Korranburg: Aasimar, Githyanki, Githzerai & Hexblood Characters in Eberron

The second instalment of Eberron Archaeologist's Library of Korranburg explores uncommon character races and their place in Eberron. The Aasimar


Mikel – “Zelda’s Medley”

As a celebration of the success of Mikel's fantastic Zelda & Chill album, Mikel and Gamechops put out a beautiful new "Zelda's Medley" track that plays with bits from many of the best games in The Legend of Zelda series.

Parasouls – “Magic Markers”

Parasouls have released a fun, playful video for their single "Magic Markers", the opening track of their Drifters, Dream Makers EP.

Library of Korranburg: The Quori – Eberron’s Masters of Dreams

Eberron Archaeologist has begun a series of videos explaining aspects of the story of Eberron, my favourite setting for Dungeons & Dragons. In this first episode he introduces the Quori, dream manipulating creatures that

&D &Dragons

Cafe Days

Gamechops has released another supremely chill collection of video game remixes, a third collection from Coffee Date with tracks from Zelda, Yoshi, Kirby, Pokémon, Final Fantasy and other game series.

Run 2021.11.09

I had another headlong dash home this morning. The shorter runs aren't what I'd prefer but it's still a way to fit in a run into my work day.

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