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Lights – “Prodigal Daughter”

It has felt like there has been a steady stream of new Lights songs over the past couple years, but having the lead single of her next release is exciting, and it's a stellar track. There's also a new comic from Lights available alongside the new song.

Music 2021.10.15-2021.10.21

This week I continued to soak up some of The Crüxshadows and kept returning to Lights' new single.

Music 2021.10.15-2021.10.21

This week I continued to soak up some of The Crüxshadows and kept returning to Lights' new single.

Run 2021.10.22

Running from werewolves is getting me in the spirit of the season, even if my route is just taking me to downtown.

Run 2021.10.20

I enjoyed running to the first mission of Zombies, Run!'s Pax Germanica story. It's set in Roman occupied Germany and features werewolves, so it's a nice break from zombies.

Run 2021.10.19

I did a short run this morning and finally finished up season 2 radio mode in Zombies, Run!

Music 2021.09.24-2021.09.30

This week I enjoyed revisiting Kubra Commander's discography and taking in some of the more obscure parts of my music collection.

Run 2021.09.05

I hadn't gotten out for a run in a week so it felt even better to get out and run the second virtual race from Zombies, Run!'s Jack and Eugene's World Tour.

Procedural Butterflies

Boing Boing recently surfaced a project to procedurally generate animated butterflies. The results can be surprisingly beautiful.

Omega Metroid Podcast

With the announcement of Metroid Dread, my interest in the Metroid series was rekindled. I searched to see if there was a podcast dedicated to it and there was Omega Metroid Podcast waiting for me to dive in. The 'cast does deep dives into various aspects of the games and their story and the hosts' enthusiasm keeps it engaging.

Run 2021.06.16

I enjoyed a run with a wacky sci-fi story of an AI being implanted in a human's brain so it could be smuggled.

Run 2021.06.15

A tropical cyclone was passing by the province today, so the weather was a bit strange for my run this morning, alternating between sunny and cloudy and windy.

Run 2021.06.14

My run today was just a quick dash to the grocery store, but I enjoyed a couple clips from Zombies, Run! season one's radio mode.

Ian Penn – “Planet Earth Feels Lonely”

It's the shortest track on Two Drank Soju, but "Planet Earth Feels Lonely" is such an earworm that it can't be forgotten.

Hillsburn – “Pain”

This live version of Hillsburn's "Pain", from their Stonehouse Sessions series of one-take performances, is wonderful.

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