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Run 2021.05.19

I braced for what I expected would be another of the frustrating swerve into awful politics that the story sometimes takes. Even braced for it, I was distracted and annoyed that the protagonists were trying to escape from a well-justified quarantine period.

Ian Penn’s Alternatrip’s Stream-O-Rama Performance

I was thrilled that Ian shared his set on his YouTube channel. The beautifully shot set includes one song from his EP Goldfish Memory and three from his From the Rear View Mirror LP.

Exercise 2021.03.02

My session of Fitness Boxing today had footwork again, which is still tricky in the small space I'm exercising in, but it was a routine quick workout otherwise.

Fluffy Vegan Pancakes

For breakfast this morning I made pancakes based on the recipe The Fluffiest Vegan Pancakes, and they turned out perfectly.

Run 2021.01.20

Today felt like the coldest so far this year, but once I started running it was just nice to take in the cold air and dash toward home.

Endless Quest 01 – Dungeon of Dread

Tonight I read through Dungeon of Dread, the first book from the series, and made my way fairly quickly to one of the good endings. The writing can be awkward and it's a by-the-numbers fantasy story about a sword-wielding fighter and a cowardly halfling thief, but there are fun twists and overall it felt like a co


Exercise 2020.12.01

I finally got back to doing Zombies, Run!'s Home Front missions after months of focusing on running. The series offers gentle home workouts and it was nice to get one in tonight after being stuck at home all day.

Run 2020.10.27

Running through a fungus farm is a treat as I finish running the last missions of Zombies, Run! Season 7.

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