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Project 365 2020.08.25-2020.08.31

For each day I share a photo on my account at apollo. Here are shots from the past week.

Run 2020.09.01

I'm varying my typical afternoon route to meander through some trails before arriving at my destination.

Conquer 2020 Virtual Challenge August

I covered less distance in August than I have in previous months, with some obligations keeping me from running. I have under 150 km left to cover to hit my 1000 km goal for 2020, so I'm on track to hit that before October is up.

Run 2020.08.31

I've started a second week in a row running after my workday. With my days being as busy as they've been in a long while it's a nice reset for the evening.


Orbital is another no dice, no masters and belonging outside belonging game being Kickstarted. It's a Sci Fi RPG set on a space station and promises to deliver a fantastic narrative experience. And look at the popping art!

I've played a lot of D&D, and it works well for combat and crunchy play, but for story-focused gaming no dice, no masters is my preferred way to play.

Run 2020.08.29

The bridge was closed to vehicles, so it was a peaceful start to my run to and through Dartmouth.

Music Box Classics: Xenoblade Chronicles

Video Game Music Box creates fantastic calming arrangements of video game soundtracks for a music box and these recordings are soothing for would-be sleepers and thrilling for those of use who love the original music. The latest release is an interpretation of the soundtrack of Xenoblade Chronicles, one of my favouri

Run 2020.08.28

Missions like this one about helping a compromised AI are little glimmers of the good that Zombies, Run! is capable of in the midst of the bad politics of season 7.

Music 2020.08.21-2020.08.27

Lately I haven't been able to find a lot of time for listening to music, but I enjoyed becoming acquainted with an album I missed years back this week.

Run 2020.08.27

With the month drawing to a close, I can feel the air cooling day by day. Autumn's nearly here.

Project 365 2020.08.18-2020.08.24

For each day I share a photo on my account at apollo. Here are shots from the past week.

Run 2020.08.24

Visiting a castle in this small arc within the worst season has been a nice reprieve in Zombies, Run!

Kiki & Jax

Kiki & Jax: The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship is a simple and easy to understand expression of the core of Marie Kondo's philosophy and I'll be happy to share it when I read together with my daughter.


Wanderhome is a no dice, no masters game described as "a pastoral fantasy tabletop RPG about traveling animal-folk and the way they change with the seasons" that is being Kickstarted right now. There is a free playkit to get a taste of the game, but I think it's well worth backing for another game using the no dice, no masters game engine

Music 2020.08.14-2020.08.20

I was cycling through Orville Peck's new EP a lot this week and especially loving "No Glory in the West".

Run 2020.08.20

Dashing home today allowed me to wind my way through some side streets and enjoy a bright morning.

Project 365 2019-2020

On August 20 last year I started taking a photo for each day and posting it at my Pixelfed account. This Project 365 was a good motivator to keep me focused on capturing things happening in my life, especially those bits that don't revolve around my daughter's first year and 4 months.

Run 2020.08.19

The story of running through a rave with people taking pills spiked with zombie blood was so off that I couldn't help but be distracted by the silly references and shaking my head at the weird tone.

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