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Project 365 2019-2020

On August 20 last year I started taking a photo for each day and posting it at my Pixelfed account. This Project 365 was a good motivator to keep me focused on capturing things happening in my life, especially those bits that don't revolve around my daughter's first year and 4 months.

Run 2020.08.19

The story of running through a rave with people taking pills spiked with zombie blood was so off that I couldn't help but be distracted by the silly references and shaking my head at the weird tone.


Skin&Earth is Lights' first published comic and it does show missteps that are understandable for someone releasing a comic for the first time, but issue after issue the work gets stronger and by the end of this first volume the story is compelling and the art genuinely impressive.


Run 2020.08.18

The highlight of my run this morning was heading through the commons, which I don't always appreciate as I dash past.

Project 365 2020.08.11-2020.08.17

For each day I share a photo on my account at apollo. Here are shots from the past week.

Run 2020.08.17

The goofy story that made up the Zombies, Run! mission I ran today was a fun distraction.

Teen Vogue on Socialist Feminism

Teen Vogue presented Bread and Roses, a series on socialism, back in May and one of the highlights was an introduction to socialist feminism, "Socialist Feminism: What Is It and How Can It Replace Corporate ‘Girl Boss’ Feminism?" The series was described as "exploring the growing interest in socialism among young people who are se

Run 2020.08.15

I enjoyed running through Dartmouth for my weekend run. The air was quite cold this weekend, so it felt like another hint of autumn was about.

RSS Explainer: What is a feed?

RSS feeds have never been as central to how most people use the internet as many of us nerds might imagine, but they are a fundamental building block for having a better experience online. Matt Webb has created About Feeds as an accessible introduction to using feeds.

Run 2020.08.14

I follow a similar path most days when I run, but the summer's great weather has kept me fully engaged with running.

Music 2020.08.07-2020.08.13

I've been enjoying some great music this week, but the Dead End EP from Lights and MYTH captured my attention most.


Powa! has a free demo available that showcases the simple platformer and has me convinced it's going to be worth playing though.


Run 2020.08.12

The mission today was a welcome break from the bad politics of this season of Zombies, Run! with a nice clean run through a factory.

Puuung’s I Miss You Episode 5

The fifth episode of Puuung's lovely I miss you season of Love is in the small things is a sweet birthday story.

Run 2020.08.11

My post-work run today was through cooler air than I've felt in weeks. It felt like a forerunner of Autumn already creeping in.

Project 365 2020.08.04-2020.08.10

For each day I share a photo on my account at apollo. Here are shots from the past week.

Run 2020.08.10

It's a nice reset to be able to finish work and head out running, and this week I plan to enjoy those dashes.


There are plenty of traditional games I haven't learned to play, but I finally played through Cee-Lo today after reading about it in a Cool Tools article.


Run 2020.08.09

I'm re-running the seventh season of Zombies, Run! and I'm still profoundly disappointed that the writers got their politics so wrong with this one.

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