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Music 2020.06.12-2020.06.18

I've been going through some favourite old playlists this week. It's been nice to step into those old feelings.

Pokétoon Episode 1

On the Pokémon Kids TV channel, a new animated short has been released that pays clear homage to classic Looney Tunes and features Scraggy and Mimikyu in familiar antagonistic roles.

Run 2020.06.17

I skipped the final mission of the fifth season due to its length and dove into season six of Zombies, Run! I still think it's the strongest season because of the anti-fascist story.

White Town – “Move On Me”

White Town's new single is a delight, as tenacious an earworm as any he's produced.

Run 2020.06.16

I'm nearly done re-running the fifth season of Zombies, Run! and it has been fun experiencing the story again. The airships, tunnels and surprises still feel fresh.

10 Years of Xenoblade Chronicles

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of the first Xenoblade Chronicles game, Monolith Soft released a piece of art featuring the protagonists of the three main games in the series.

Poppy – “All The Things She Said”

Poppy's cover of t.A.T.u.'s classic "All The Things She Said" is fantastic; it captures so much of the original but is fresh.


Project 365 2020.06.09-2020.06.15

For each day I share a photo on my account at apollo. Here are shots from the past week.

Run 2020.06.14

After my first hair cut in nearly half a year, I headed out on a run through a route I haven't been down for even longer.

Run 2020.06.07

I headed across the bridge for a run to grocery shopping and enjoyed winding around the familiar route.

Run 2020.06.11

I've been running along the waterfront a lot lately. It's nice to have it be so empty of tourists and locals at night and to be able to see the lights and landmarks as I go along.

Offshore on the Hawaiian Diaspora

This season of Offshore Podcast, Far From Home, has been exploring the Hawaiian diaspora in history and the present. The throughlines of the harm caused by colonialism and capitalism and the resilience of Hawaiians as they are forced to leave home are prominent but so are the powerful small moments that bring these stories to life.

Run 2020.06.10

I ran tonight in my ruggedest sandals. I'm trying to get my feet used to running in more minimal footwear again, but early on it's blisters before calluses.

Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality is hosting a huge bundle of games and other content to raise funds to support NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund.

Run 2020.06.09

I was able to get out for an earlier run today and it was perfect weather along the waterfront.

Project 365 2020.06.01-2020.06.08

For each day I share a photo on my account at apollo. Here are shots from the past week.

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