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Run 2020.04.23

The second training mission for the Spring virtual race was what I expected, with one twist at the end. I'm hoping the actual race wows me, but so far this story hasn't grabbed me yet.

Butch Walker – “Gridlock”

I've listened to Butch Walker for many years, but there's something special about his new single "Gridlock" that sets it apart but I can't quite put my finger on. I can't get it out of my head and keep returning to it day after day.

Exercise 2020.04.22

A rainy morning kept me in, but I had another Zombies, Run! Home Front mission waiting for me to give me some exercises to keep me moving. If I didn't get these early morning bits of activity, staying at home would be a lot less bearable.

Pokémon: Twilight Wings Episode 4

The latest episode of Twilight Wings is particularly well animated; it's stunning from start to finish. The story is a bit less compelling, but does bring Nessa more to life than the games did.


Project 365 2020.04.14-2020.04.20

For each day I share a photo on my account at apollo. Here are shots from the past week.

Exercise 2020.04.19

Today's play of Fitness Boxing wasn't as strong for me. I missed a few punches because I was distracted, but I'm hoping to keep refining my technique for the next time.

Run 2020.04.21

This morning I ran the first training mission of the Zombies, Run! Spring 2020 Virtual Race, which is a murder mystery this time. There are just hints at what will be in the main story, but I'm really looking forward to the whole experience. Maybe I'll find time to go through the puzzle booklet before I run the race next week.

Run 2020.04.20

Running the Halloween 2018 virtual race again was a nice bit of escapism, with strange genetically modified creatures and transformed humans.

Doctor Strange: Live from the Sanctum Sanctorum

Marvel shared a 10 hour video featuring an animated view of Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum complete with mystical and atmospheric noise. If you're like me and working at home, it might be the perfect thing for background creepiness.

The Dears – “Heart Of An Animal”

The fishman in this video threw me at first, but this song is now indelibly mapped onto my brain and is constantly, wonderfully emerging like the best earworms do.

Board Game Remix Kit

The folks behind Board Game Remix Kit and its Valentine's Day Expansion have released the kits for free to help people find enjoyable ways to play board games while stuck at home. The kit presents new rules to make classic games Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Clue and Scrabble fresh and ways to mash up different games together for even more variety. I'm n

Music 2020.04.10-2020.04.16

This week I'm feeling a bit more at ease with being at home every day, and am finally starting to take more time listening to music. I've been especially delighted to spend time with The Dears and Strawberry.

Legend of Synthwave

This week Helynt has released another fantastic album of reinterpreted The Legend of Zelda soundtracks. Legend of Synthwave is packed with delight after delight; this is such a joy to be immersed in.

Run 2020.04.17

I had a typical run this morning. I'm definitely feeling the constraint of the routes I've been taking most mornings.

D&D’s Stay At Home. Play At Home.

Wizards of the Coast has been publishing free D&D material to help people engage with Dungeons & Dragons as they are having to stay at home. D&D is a wonderful way to be social and keep engaged with people you care about, and remote play has never been easier.

&D &Dragons

Shoot the Pier – “Come Back Into The Sun”

Shoot the Pier have a new charity single, "Come Back Into The Sun", that is a gentle, hopeful surf track.

Strawberry’s Quarantine Mixes #2

Strawberry's second pair of songs in their Quarantine Mixes series are gems. "Stone Cold" is a very short track, but it's sticky.

Exercise 2020.04.16

I wasn't able to get out for a run this morning, but there was another exercise mission ready in Zombies, Run! I appreciate the variety of exercises and the flexibility of the sessions.

Run 2020.04.15

Today's run was to a mission that featured genetically modified crows. Sadly, they were an antagonistic force, but I'll take crows in whatever form I can get them.

Saigon Secret Agents

Back in January, Luna Nguyen (Luna oi! on Youtube) subtitled and released another Vietnamese film, with a title she translated as Saigon Secret Agents. It's a slow-burn spy film that I became engrossed in.


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