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Run 2020.03.06

I finished my week with a rerun of the last of the supply runs in Zombies, Run! I'm glad to be done with them, because they're the least engaging parts of the game.

Music 2020.02.28-2020.03.05

My listening has been all over the place this week and I fell into rabbit holes from friends' suggestions.

Dragonfly Collector – “Brave The Distance”

The new single from Dragonfly Collector, the first in several years, is a pop song that captures a sentiment of pushing for growth in spite of aging.

Run 2020.03.04

The ammo run supply mission for Zombies, Run! I ran today really underlines the militarized aspect of the game, which is definitely a part of the story that makes me uneasy.

Project 365 2020.02.25-2020.03.02

For each day I share a photo on my account at apollo. Here are shots from the past week.

Run 2020.03.02

I headed home to the food run supply mission in Zombies, Run! It seems to fit the current push of panicked hoarding surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.

Battle Chasers Anthology

I saw ads for Battle Chasers in the late nineties, and was intrigued by the visuals and the fantasy setting but never picked up an issue. I finally got Battle Chasers Anthology to give it a shot.

100 Pushups Week 7

Getting in the larger count of reps as I build up to 100 straight pushups has been very challenging. I've got one more week until I hit that point, but I'm confident I've set the habit to keep doing pushups regularly.

Run 2020.02.29

I headed out to do Run to the Deep again this morning. I was running along the water and being immersed in a virtual descent into the ocean narrated by Pierre-Yves Cousteau.

Music 2020.02.21-2020.02.27

This week I've been listening to a lot of surf and going into Winnie Richards' albums.


It has been delightful to go through Winnie Richards' albums these past few weeks. Leaves is a wonderful, eclectic pop EP.

Kris Statlander & AEW

One of the AEW wrestlers that has impressed me with a full range of skills is Kris Statlander. Her in-ring performances are always exciting and her alien gimmick is delightful.

Mutual Aid With Mila

Mutual Aid with Mila is a podcast "centering on building mutual aid" that has only 3 episodes so far, but offers a good introduction to the concept of mutual aid and, most recently, gives a broad view of how it can be applied to current events.

Run 2020.02.26

I ran a decoy duty mission in Zombies, Run! It was light on content, so it was a bit boring, but luckily I had some good podcasts between the mission segments to listen to.

Run 2020.02.25

After missions in Zombies, Run! a radio mode plays, and that content is available as a standalone run. Today I ran mid-season one radio mode and enjoyed catching some of the segments I didn't get to before.

Project 365 2020.02.18-2020.02.24

For each day I share a photo on my account at apollo. Here are shots from the past week.

Run 2020.02.24

I did another of the Zombies, Run! supply runs today. I'm still not decided what season to run next, so I'm taking some time to enjoy the extra bits.

Anime x Para Badminton

Japan's NHK has been producing a series of short anime inspired by the upcoming paralympic games, Animation x Paralympic. The latest episode is a romantic comedy featuring a paralympic badminton player.

Run 2020.02.23

I set out early to do a 10 km run and headed through Point Pleasant Park. I was scrambling over paths that were completely coated in ice, but it was refreshing to run along the coast and through trees.


The latest episode of the Tales podcast features a folktale from the Philippines that addresses racism and colonialism. It's an engaging listen and has some surprising deviations from similar stories.

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