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100 Pushups Week 4

A reset did a lot of good for me, and I finished out my fourth week of regularly doing pushups with better form and a sense of momentum.

Run 2020.01.31

I had a typical run home, though laden with some groceries. It fit nicely with the supply collection part of Zombies, Run!

Music 2020.01.24-2020.01.30

This week I was enjoying some fun surf music and some artists I haven't listened to in a long while.

Fallout Shelter

Since it was released for Nintendo Switch back in 2018, Fallout Shelter was my lunch break game.

Celestine Emerald at 9 Months

Tonight we took some photos to mark Celestine's 9 month birthday. She has been walking with support and has 4 teeth in now, as you can see in the photos.

Run 2020.01.29

After commenting yesterday about having a consistent pace, I had my fastest pace since the Summer today. I didn't notice anything I was doing differently, but I guess I was pushing a bit harder on my way home.

Algiers – “Dispossession” Stripped Down

This live version of Algiers' "Dispossession" brings powerful new light to one of the highlights of There Is No Year.

Run 2020.01.28

I'm surprised how steady my winter pace is when I'm not battling deep snow. Of my past 5 runs, 4 had a pace of 5:26 or 5:27.

Project 365 2020.01.21-2020.01.27

I share a photo on my account at apollo for every day. Here are shots from the past week.

Run 2020.01.27

My run was along a winding but familiar route today, and enjoyed the Zombies, Run! mission with Sam addressing me as possibly a zombie.

The Year of Free Transit

Earlier this month, in Our Times, James Hutt presented a cogent argument for universal transit as a fundamental part of a strategy for combating climate change and inequality.

Ian Penn – “Out of School”

Ian Penn released "Out of School" last week, and it's another beautiful, evocative song with a video that compliments it perfectly.

Run 2020.01.26

I went out for another short run today, and managed to get a perfect loop done in the time of the mission, ending where I started.

100 Pushups Week 3

This week I found I was breaking form and not feeling like I was doing pushups correctly most of the time. I've decided I will loop this week's reps again so that I can be confident I am doing things correctly and don't just barrel forward into increased reps. I'd rather take a bit longer to get to 100 pushups in a sitting.

Stars and Rabbit – “Little Mischievous”

Stars and Rabbit released a new single, "Little Mischievous", earlier this week. It and the accompanying video are brimming with whimsy.

Run 2020.01.23

It was a good run today. I've resigned myself to running a familiar route if I want to be confident in having clear sidewalks.

Run 2020.01.21

I'm definitely feeling the brunt of winter now. Much of my run today was down an area where the city either neglected to clear sidewalks or never bothered to install them at all. Running through deep snow challenges my legs in a very different way.

Star Trek: Picard – Countdown #2

The second issue of Star Trek: Picard – Countdown continued to deliver a comic that meshes with the feel of the ST:TNG show and the character of Jean-Luc Picard.


There Is No Year

Algiers' There Is No Year is a monumental album. It holds so much emotional resonance, complexity and dread. The mix of musical influences, inclusive of soul, post-punk, gospel and more, forms something greater than the sum of its parts. It's a dense, churning series of songs and I've been listening to it whenever I know I have a block of time to dedicate to it, as it deserves.

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