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Music 2019.08.23-2019.08.29

This week I listened to a lot of Chelsea McBride's projects and a bunch of interpretations of soundtracks.

Run 2019.08.29

Half way through my run a downpour from a passing tropical storm soaked me. My clothes became instantly much heavier as they soaked up the rain. What would have been a refreshing run in the rain instead weighed me down.

Run 2019.08.28

The mission I ran today in Zombies, Run! was very well paced and kinetic beyond the usual stories. I might have been moving slower, but the run felt brisk because of the narrative.

History of the Marvel Universe #2

I loved the first issue of History of the Marvel Universe. The second issue continues on through the 1900s, presenting the fictional events tied to WWI, WWII and the cold war. The art is so, so good in this issue, but the stories, told so quickly, could have used much more care and updating to impart a better understanding of the history they depict and to reframe stories

Assorted Articles III

I'm continuing my end summer cleaning of old articles I've had kicking around. Here's a batch of clippings I found interesting.


I keep a little bit of whimsy at my desk at work, so I can have a moment of fun when I step away from pressing things.

Chelsea and the Cityscape’s What I Do

What I Do is a rich, warm album full of emotive tracks. Chelsea and the Cityscape makes for perfect rainy day listening.

Project 365 2019.08.20-2019.08.26

I've been taking a photo each day as part of a Project 365 and sharing them through my account at apollo. Here are my daily photos for the last week.

Run 2019.08.22

The weird sci-fi elements continued in this Zombies, Run! mission. It's fun when the mission leans in to the stranger, less coherent parts of this story.

Run 2019.08.21

Sometimes Zombies, Run! takes me through delightfully weird situations. Today outrunning lasers got a chuckle out of me.

Run 2019.08.26

I tried heading through an area where there had been construction last week for my run today, but had to backtrack around the work again. It leaves me wondering how the tourists are able to get to the Titanic graves.

Godzilla for Beginners

With dozens of films in the series, I wouldn’t know where to start if I hadn’t watched Godzilla for Beginners, an excellent primer for digging in to the series. I now feel like I’m ready to dive in.

The Same River

Since May, Luna Nguyen of Luna Oi! has been sharing parts of her translation of the 1959 Vietnamese film The Same River (Chung Một Dòng Sông) each month. She has now released all three parts of the film and the subtitles are very readable.

Peanut Butter and Apricot Jam Cookies

Today I made some peanut butter cookies, following a 1 Bowl Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies recipe from The Simple Veganista but spiced it up a bit with a jam topping.

Run 2019.08.23

The weather has already started cooling as Autumn approaches. Today's run was a rejuvenating start to the weekend.

Run 2019.08.23

The weather has already started cooling as Autumn approaches. Today's run was a rejuvenating start to the weekend.

I've been working an hour earlier for the past week, and it means I get to witness a sunrise.
I've been playing around with a Raspberry Pi Zero W for a few weeks and refreshed it when I had a few minutes today. It'll have a proper case soon, but for now it lives in a cardboard box. #raspberrypi
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