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Working Class History on the IWW

I've been picking through the backlog of the Working Class History podcast for a couple months. The folks behind the podcast have put a ton of work into getting out the stories of people who struggled and improved our world.

History is not made by the actions of a few rich and powerful individuals, like so much of the history we learn in school. History is made by the

Run 2019.07.30

The sci-fi arc of the Venus Rising missions is still a lot of run to hear as I run. I'm a bit sad there'll just be one more run with this story.

Run 2019.07.29

I was happy to get back to both running and the Venus Rising story this afternoon. The exploration of a colony on Venus remains a lot of fun.

Thylacinus’ Mouse Guard Scores

I wrote back in February about my love for the Six Feats Under’s Mouse Guard podcast. Part of the strength of the podcast I didn't call out was the wonderful score by Thylacinus. It grants the 'cast a lot of its emotional impact.

Danielle Ate the Sandwich – Dreams

Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" is a song I love to hear new takes on. Danielle Ate The Sandwich's version is a great uke and voice rendition.

Raspberry Pi Zero W, Lastcast and

A couple weeks back I ordered a Raspberry Pi Zero W from BuyaPi so I could make a cheap (under $15 Canadian) way to scrobble songs from by Google Home setup and play around with some self-hosted web services.


Carsie Blanton – Buck Up

Carsie Blanton's Buck Up is a bright wonder of an album, filled with cheerful songs in the face of disaster. The title track is a charming earworm that begs the listener to sing along.

Music 2019.07.19-2019.07.25

I'm checking in on my weekly listening reports every Friday now. This past week I was becoming acquainted with a new favourite album from Ian Penn and giving the new Saul Williams album a listen.


Run 2019.07.23

The second mission of Venus Rising continues through the dystopian future where corporations are allowed to exist and go into space. The story is engaging and I'm eagerly looking forward to my next run.

Run 2019.07.22

This week the Zombies, Run! app has launched a new set of missions that are outside the normal zombie-fleeing fare and instead moves into space for a science fiction adventure. Venus Rising takes the runner into space on a ship about to crash into Venus and it's a satisfying change of pace.

History of the Marvel Universe #1

History of the Marvel Universe, at least so far, is wonderfully presenting that maddening grand story of the Marvel Universe in an accessible way. Mark Waid has distilled the bizarre cosmic stories that are, of course, the beginning of the universe superbly in this first issue and Javier Rodriguez's pencils and colours are jaw-dropping. This does justice to the fe

Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules

ngeons & Dragons has been a huge part of my gaming life and is a rewarding way to interact with friends. Fifth edition D&D is very accessible and offers a rich, multifaceted gaming experience. Playing it and other tabletop RPGs can be a wonderful experience, but it can be daunting and the cost can keep people from playing. There is a free way t

&D &Dragons

Ian Penn – From the Rear View Mirror

I love Ian Penn's earnest and intimate folk songs, and From the Rear View Mirror is full of the best expressions of what he does.

A Celestine Collection

Celestine has been growing and becoming more adorable, and of course I amassed a trove of cute photos of her over the past couple months.

Run 2019.07.20

Today's run was a quick escape during a very busy day preparing for a gathering on Sunday. It was refreshing to be dashing along, heading to an errand.

Run 2019.07.19

Today's run was hampered by hitting lights at the wrong time too often, but I enjoyed experiencing one of the longer missions in Zombies, Run! and the introduction of Tom De Luca.

Music Week of 2019.07.12-2019.07.18

Today for the first time in a long while I checked in on's weekly report. I tend to enjoy poking through data and it was fun to see my music listening habits quantified.


Run 2019.07.18

Today I was able to head down one of my favourite routes, only to find it was under construction at one of the nicer legs. It'll be nice once a proper greenbelt is created for Halifax.

Ourselves The Elves

urselves the Elves is a wonderful band that makes fanciful folk that goes into surprising territory and carries a rich constellation of influences. Self is Universe is a strong, staggering debut LP.

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