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More Blooms in the Rain

It has been raining a lot here in Halifax, but when it's grey and gloomy there's usually the consolation that it's pushing flowers to grow and bloom. This bush caught my eye while I was on my way home.


Freak Lunchbox, my nearby candy store, clearly labels their bulk candy bins for items that are vegan, so after my run I was able to indulge in some gummies.

Run 2019.05.26

I enjoyed a rainy run down to the waterfront this afternoon, with my poncho flapping and glasses being speckled.

Puuung’s Love is in small things

I’ve been an admirer of Puuung‘s wonderful illustrations of relationships for years. Her work always evokes an intimate, playful feeling. She has also been creating animated shorts and has a weekly series Love is in small things that is heartwarming and fun. New episodes are added each Saturday. I am Puuung. I am creating illustr

Creamy Curried Veggies

I modified the Creamy Curried Veggies recipe from How It All Vegan and made a double batch that gave me some hearty lunches during this week at work.

Run 2019.05.23

In proving the truism that weather in Nova Scotia varies widely, today was sunny and beautiful, perfect for running. I had no frozen toes this time, just tapping toes waiting for sluggish traffic lights to change.

Run 2019.05.22

I ran today in my running sandals, face-first into a cold wind. I dashed past a bus of tourists visiting Titanic grave sites. By the end I was drenched in sweat, all save my toes. My toes were numb from the cold.

Zelda & Chill

Zelda & Chill is a perfectly relaxed assortment of tracks that would be at home in the best Hylian cafe. This is firmly in my rainy day rotation.

Trees Getting Leaves

Spring has been slow to arrive here in Halifax, but maple leaves are finally amassing.

Affordable Vegan Filipino Dishes

In this video RG Enriquez tries to dispel the notion that vegan food has to be expensive and presents 10 dishes that can be made with ingredients that cost less than P100 (about $2.50 Canadian). Some of my favourites are in the list, including laing, ginataang langka, and ginataang kalabasa at sitaw.

Affordable Vegan Filipino Dishes

Since spending time in the Philippines and being introduced to Filipino dishes by Tonet and her family, I’ve been trying vegan versions of Filipino foods. I’ve relied on Astig Vegan for recipes and ideas. In this video RG Enriquez tries to dispel the notion that vegan food has to be expensiv

Mario & Chill

Mario & Chill by Helynt is a brilliant synth-drenched album that infuses tracks from the Super Mario games with vitality and makes for great laid-back music to work to.

Celestine at 3 Weeks

Saturday my daughter Celestine was three weeks old. She has had little milestones, like her first bus trip today and her first bath the Sunday before.

Run 2019.05.18

The eighth season of Zombies, Run! continues to be solid. I'm curious to see where the story heads this time, and it promises to be a departure from previous seasons, at least in setting.

Run 2019.05.16

Today I ran the first mission of Zombies, Run!'s eighth season. The run was what I've come to expect from the game; the voice acting is solid and the story is generally strong.

Prometheus Brown’s Tagsibol

I haven't heard anything new from Prometheus Brown for too long, so when the three songs on Tagsibol dropped today I rushed over to listen. "Seen It (Coming)" is a great track and the others are strong. It's so good to hear something fresh.

Blooms in the Rain

It's a rainy day, but the beautiful flowers on this tree I passed on my walk home brightened it.

LIGHTS – Lost Girls

I've been a bit out of the loop on LIGHTS' projects, with her comics in my to read pile, but the great acoustic "Lost Girls" and its video have me excited for the new album, Skin&Earth Acoustic, and to finally read the Skin&Earth comics.

Dum Dum Girls – Rimbaud Eyes

Dum Dum Girls' Too True is an album I return to time after time to enjoy in full. It's brimming with wonderful gems, but Rimbaud Eyes is the standout for me.

Pokémon Ruby II

My time for games has been limited lately, but I did manage to continue Pokémon Ruby and finish by playing as I walked to and from work or in those few times I was able to sit and game.

Hoenn was a bit less intuitive to navigate than Kanto and Johto, but that might just be from playing games set in those regions more often. One of the best parts was explorin

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