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Rocky Rivera – Best Shot

Rocky Rivera's Rocky's Revenge was one of the most tragically overlooked albums of 2018. It's packed with great tracks; "Best Shot" is one of many gems.

Martial Arts Panda Figures

When we passed through Guangzhou I picked up these panda figures. I'd love to know more about their origins.

Condensing Board Games

I love board, card, roleplaying and other tabletop games, but they are terribly packaged; the boxes are full of wasted space whether as plastic inserts or just air. The lack of uniformity in boxes makes them a pain to store too. Paper books are so bulky, heavy and hard to manage. It's all unsustainable if space is precious.

I've been working to condense my games

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

I started playing Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! when it was released and was enchanted. I set it aside while traveling and picked it up again last week. Having finished the story, I'm very satisfied with the experience.The new catching mechanics make for a much less frustrating experience, and other quality of life improvements like keeping HMs retired make this the



In Dartmouth and Halifax we have some stunning murals, and I am capturing some as I spot them. It's so easy to overlook things we pass every day, but I'm trying to see these with fresh eyes.

A Dartmouth Mural

I headed over to Dartmouth for an appointment yesterday and saw this mural again for the first time in a long while.

Rocky Rivera – Best Shot

Rocky Rivera's Rocky's Revenge was one of the great albums from last year, and it definitely hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. It's filled with great tracks, start to finish, and this video for "Best Shot" is a good intro.

Leyla McCalla – Money is King

Ahead of the new album The Capitalist Blues being released next week, Leyla McCalla has a video for the song "Money is King". It and the album's title track are moving folk songs with an unwavering sense of social justice.

Pokémon Adventures 03

I've been enjoying picking up the Pokemon Adventures manga when I have down time, and it only got better for the third volume. The pacing is very brisk, with exciting character moments, pivotal battles and heartfelt pronouncements about the power of friendship.

A Brief Stop in Guangzhou

We had a short layover in Guangzhou, with enough time to sit down for a nice meal at Jardin De Jade. We each ordered a combo of vegetable salad, boiled veggie and buns stuffed with black mushrooms and vegetables. The descriptions and even menu photos didn't do justice to the quality and quantity that arrived. The meal was delicious and filling. The Longjing (dragon well)

Saying Goodbye to Marikina

We have enjoyed our time in Marikina, and have seen many beautiful things. It has been nice getting to know Tonet's family better. I'll miss the many cats that wander the streets here. I'll miss the wonderful weather and the surprising sights. It's sad to be leaving the Philippines, and I'll carry the good memories with me.

Greg & Sally Tree Garden Cafe

For our last day in the Philippines Tonet and I went with her family to Greg & Sally Tree Garden Cafe, a beautiful restaurant near her sister's home.

The ambiance was great, with trees providing shade, a couple Buddhas around, a jack-o'-lantern in January, a swing by the table and lots of nice little touches.

The food was very good. Mushroom sisig, gar

A Long Walk in Marikina

Today I took a last long walk through Marikina. We fly out early Sunday morning and likely will have a full day tomorrow, so it was nice to spend a few hours wandering and seeing a few new places before I go.

Highlights included a statue of former mayor Gil Fernando and the looming Disneyified campus of the OLOPSC Preschool.

Pterotype is a plug-in that brings a WordPress blog on to the Fediverse. I've tried it out, so @blog should start showing posts as I make them.

I'll never carry around a paper book again, but there's a really satisfying feeling to closing the wallet case on my phone as though I'm closing a book when I finish reading.

Back in Marikina

Last night we arrived back in Marikina and this morning I went out to run and walk around. There are always new side streets and surprising spots to find. I learned there is a House of Unicorns Cafe here!

I had to do some searching, but I did find one more Pokémon straw, this time of Froakie, but I may never have Chespin to be able to slurp through each of the gen 6 starters.

Pokemon Adventures 02

When it rains and during other down time, I've continued reading Pokémon Adventures. The second volume is a lot stronger than the first. The characters are more fleshed out and the story diverges from the games in ways that keep things interesting. The art continues to be a great match for this story, with great expressions and action that is full o

Katican Island

Monday we traveled by boat to Katican Island, also known as Pearl Island. It's a marine sanctuary and we were able to swim and see some beautiful sea life, including clams, coral, fish and sea urchin. The beach surrounding the small island is a stunning white and is made up entirely of coral.

Creatures in Eastern Samar

During my time in Eastern Samar, I've been enjoying spotting life all around. Hermit crabs crept along the beaches and crossed the road ahead of us, lizards scurried along walls catching ants, cats stalked about, farm animals were tied along roads, and there were beautiful fish to see swimming.

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