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Some Cats

Marikina has many cats lounging on the street, haunting wet markets and patrolling turf. Many of them have fantastic markings.

Shoes, Saints & Strangeness: Exploring Marikina

This week we have been staying mostly within Marikina and exploring it more. Among the highlights were visiting Marikina City Footwear Museum, where local shoemaking and a dictator's wife's seized shoe collection were featured, seeing Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish, the second oldest church in the city, being amazed b

The Prince and the Dressmaker

I really loved Jen Wang's collaboration with Cory Doctorow, In Real Life, so I was excited to read her latest graphic novel, The Prince and the Dressmaker. I was impressed from start to finish.

The comic pops from page to page; the art is lush and evokes so much emotion. The characters are wonderfully expressive and their stories are complex and relatable. Th

Pregnancy Photos

Today Tonet and I went to a photo studio to have photos taken to celebrate that we are expecting a baby in late April. The photographer did an excellent job.

Dionsaur Chases

Yesterday while exploring Marikina (more on shoes, saints and strange things later) Tonet, her cousin Allen and I found a spot where photos are taken in front of an impressive mural. The photographer took some fun posed shots of us there and we snapped some with our phones too.

Local Creatures

I've enjoyed spotting animals around the cities here. A large spider visited the kitchen at the house we are staying in, and a cute dog lives here. Many cats are wandering around and chickens pop in and out of view.

The Zombies, Run! Book

We've been having a quiet day here in Marikina, and I haven't been out for a run in a week, so I decided to live vicariously and finish reading Zombies, Run!: Keeping Fit and Living Well in the Current Zombie Emergency.

I've been immersed in in the Zombies, Run! world for years, first through the narrative running app and later with the board game and virtual races; I've

The Mind Museum

Yesterday we visited The Mind Museum in Taguig City. It's a really wonderful science-focused exprience that might be such a feast for the senses that some of the science can be overlooked, but it really is excellently produced. There is a lot to absorb, and it's definitely worth visiting.


Passing through Guangzhou, and this propaganda has my heart.

There’s a beautiful deer on display in the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

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