Poké & Chill

Mikel's Poké & Chill is a dreamy reimagining of scores for the Pokémon games that is true to the originals but carries a playful energy that elevates each track.


Music 2019.08.09-2019.08.15

I continued looping the new Prometheus Brown EP after its release, but I also dug into some oddities such as the odd Crystal And The Wolves and gave into some nostalgia for M2M.


Sidewalk Cat

It's been a few years since I last lived with a cat, so sometimes I spend some quality time with one while out walking.


Run 2018.08.15

Zombies, Run! missions are named after songs and today's was "Red Right Hand", after the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds classic. It didn't tie in to the song lyrically, but it was an intriguing story.


Run 2019.08.14

The 8th season of Zombies, Run! started up again and it was nice to get back to the ongoing story. This season's smaller scope has made for storytelling that I think works better.


Pokémon Orange Islands

For the past few months I've been playing through Pokemon Orange Islands, a ROM hack of Pokémon FireRed that follows the season of the anime set in the Orange Islands and not depicted in the official games.


Run 2019.08.12

I started my run intending to head through Fairview Cemetery and past the tourists flocking around the Titanic grave sites, but there was construction and a closed road in the way. I headed down some side streets and enjoyed a different path.


The Simplest Equation

This week's episode of LeVar Burton Reads features LeVar reading the wonderful "The Simplest Equation" by Nicky Drayden. The story is a sweet love story that places mathematics in an unfamiliar but beautiful role.


Prometheus Brown’s Tag​-​init

Prometheus Brown just released Tag​-​init, the second of his three-song EPs that will release each season. Each of the tracks is sticking, but "Old (Heads)" stands out because of the Klassy feature.


Dahlias and Tagalongs

We stopped in at the Halifax Public Gardens today and took in the many things in bloom. Checking out the bananas and pineapple plant on display was nice, but the highlight was the sprawl of dahlias.


Dahlias and Tagalongs

We stopped in at the Halifax Public Gardens today and took in the many things in bloom. Checking out the bananas and pineapple plant on display was nice, but the highlight was the sprawl of dahlias.


The Communist Manifesto @ Standard Ebooks

Standard Ebooks takes public domain works and publishes them as highly polished free ebooks. Their edition of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels' The Communist Manifesto is a very pleasing read.


Marvel 101: Silk

Silk is one of my favourite Marvel characters introduced over the past decade. This video is a quick introduction to her and the role she has played in the Marvel Universe.


GRIP6 Belts

Since 2017 I've been wearing GRIP6 belts and since 2018 they're the only belts I own.


Music 2019.08.02-2019.08.08

My music listening this week was fairly varied. One highlight was a new album from The Cybertronic Spree, the fantastic Transformers 1986 cover project.


Masque of the Red Death

Cory Doctorow's Masque of the Red Death is a bleak mirror of Edgar Allan Poe's short story of the same name and takes on the damaging lens that survivalism and capitalism view the world and people through. Stefan Rudnicki is a wonderful narrator for the audiobook and his voice adds to the deeply affecting nature of the story.


Trails to Tsukiji

One of my little obsessions over the past year has been the NHK show Trails to Tsukiji. Each episode focuses on one ingredient that is popular in Japan and explores how it is produced, delivered to people and prepared. It's fascinating to see how crops are grown and dishes are prepared.


Run 2018.08.06

Today's run was to a Zombies, Run! mission that makes me cringe from how awkwardly it handles mental health.


Running Medals

I'd been meaning to make a medal holder for our running medals for a while and finally picked up the pieces this weekend from Dollarama (12 hooks and a wooden sign). It's nice to no longer have them all tucked away in a box.


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