Music 2019.09.13-2019.09.19

I've been a bit all over the place for music this week. That my top track is "If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next" in light of just how ugly Canadian politics are at the moment isn't surprising.

Run 2019.09.19

As this season of Zombies, Run! is nearing its end, the story has been very engaging. The sentient red fungus bits are strange, but a welcome twist on the typical zombie fare.

Run 2019.09.18

I've been feeling good about my runs lately. My pace isn't as consistent as I'd like but my average has been fairly steadily improving for most of the year.

Since last year I've been playing through each region of the main series Pokémon games again and marking each badge earned in game on a backpack with a replica. I'm currently playing through Platinum and likely won't get through Unova, Kalos and Alola before Galar arrives in November, but it has been fun to slowly build these up when I have spare moments to play.

Project 365 2019.09.10-2019.09.16

This was my fourth week taking a photo each day for Project 365. The photos are shared each day on my account at apollo.

Run 2019.09.15

Today I tried out the Zombies, Run! 5K Training app for the first time since 2015. I used it to get into running starting in 2014 and it made me passionate about running. I wanted to revisit it to see how the app had been updated and it does seem to run a lot smoother today. If you have any interest in starting to run, I highly recommend it.

A Simple Folded Tortilla

For the past few days I've been making simple folded tortillas filled with beans, salsa and Daiya cheese. It's a cheap, fast meal.

Mega Man X DiVE

I've been playing the Mega Man X DiVE closed beta for a couple days. Its premise is weirdly meta, with a story of a player being sucked into a Mega Man X SNES game and battling through levels that have become corrupted.

Run 2019.09.15

I was able to get out for a run before getting groceries today. The weather was great for mid-September, so it felt nice to dash across the bridge and wind through Dartmouth.

Run 2019.09.13

Even though the Zombies, Run! mission has upped the stakes to trying to stop an archipelago from being nuked, the character dynamics are still the centre of these runs.

Music 2019.09.06-2019.09.12

This week I've been playing mostly soundtracks, giving me some background entertainment as I work. I've especially been enjoying potato-tan.

Run 2019.09.12

It was nice to run through the tourist-clogged cemetery of this old familiar route. If I've got to outrun a horde of zombies, what could be more fitting?

Mastodon &

Since the middle of last year I've had a Mastodon instance at I didn't feel I should make it open to anyone else until I put together a Code of Conduct, but today I finally pieced one together. is a Mastodon instance open to communists, socialists, anarchists and fellow travelers.

And that is Chapter 7 of O Human Star complete. I’m taking a few week’s hiatus and I will start posting the final chapter in October.
Read from the beginning here.

Run 2019.09.10

This season of Zombies, Run! continues to be strong. The smaller scale story has worked in its favour, and even big moments like a Prime Minister threatening to annihilate an archipelago seem earned.

Longboard Mornings

Shoot the Pier are a great surf duo that have been releasing music for about a decade. Their new EP, Longboard Mornings, is a wonderfully relaxing and expertly played set of songs.

Run 2019.09.09

I got back to running after the hurricane by wrapping up a re-run of Zombies, Run! season 3 (though I skipped 2 longer missions I'll get back to later). It's a satisfying conclusion to that long story.

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