Music 2020.03.20-2020.03.26

I had precious little time to listen to music this week. Working from home has changed a lot about what's possible, so what time I did have listening was with my daughter, which constrains what I'll put on.

Run 2020.03.27

I re-ran the Run with the Ancestors virtual race I did around this time last year and enjoyed being taken through early human history again.

Project 365 2020.03.17-2020.03.23

For each day I share a photo on my account at apollo. Here are shots from the past week.

Pokémon: Twilight Wings Episode 3

This month's episode of Pokémon: Twilight Wings is a simple adventure story featuring Hop's Wooloo. It's a fun short video that distills all the charm and adorableness of the Pokémon.


Great Ocean Road Complete

A few days ago I finished the Great Ocean Road challenge I started on Christmas Eve. It was good motivation to have a long term distance goal to encourage me to get out for runs throughout the Winter.

Run 2020.03.25

I was able to get out for a run this morning along the waterfront and encountered few people. It's still unnerving to have so much of the city empty these days.

Exercise 2020.03.24

There was a heavy rain during my window for running in the morning, but it was an opportunity to try Zombies, Run!'s The Home Front, a series of accessible aerobics exercise sessions that are planned to be released weekly. It's a good introduction to how ZR missions work, and to the delightful Sam Yao.

Conquer 2020 Virtual Challenge February

The email that My Virtual Mission sends out to recap the previous month's progress for my Conquer 2020 Virtual Challenge was a bit delayed, but I'm happy to see that I was able to keep mostly on track for February; even though it was a shorter month I was able to cover nearly the same amount of distance as in January.

Music 2020.03.13-2020.03.19

This week was another of limited time listening to music, but I did enjoy getting reacquainted with Sam Roberts.

Run 2020.03.23

I was able to get out for a sunrise run this morning. It was easy to keep appropriately distant from the 3 other people I encountered on the sidewalks, and the crisp air was so refreshing after three days at home. The mission I was running in Zombies, Run! opened with a discussion about a viral infection eerily similar to the one we are experiencing now, and that was jarring.

Run 2020.03.19

Now that I'm working at home and the city has mostly slowed down, I need to grab any chance to run I can get. Today it was a quick dash across the harbour to get groceries. I'll try to get out for early morning runs on week days while the current restrictions are in place.

Run 2020.03.17

I had another laden run today. The uncertainty about whether I'll need to suddenly work from home has been weighty in both the physical sense and mentally, but it feels good to be running.

Project 365 2020.03.10-2020.03.16

For each day I share a photo on my account at apollo. Here are shots from the past week.

Run 2020.03.12

I've started heading home with a heavy backpack with everything I need to carry to do my work from home. It makes me slower and puts more strain on me, but it feels better to be running.

This starling visited my window and preened for about 15 minutes today.

Run 2020.03.12

This evening I ran the first of the two training missions for the Spring 2016 Zombies, Run! Virtual Race, part of going through all the virtual race missions again. I'm hoping to get through them all before the one for this year.

Project 365 2020.03.03-2020.03.09

For each day I share a photo on my account at apollo. Here are shots from the past week.

Run 2020.03.09

Today I ran an Airdrop mission in Zombies, Run! In this mode a destination is set and the narration unfolds until it is reached. I don't think it was intended to work this way, but I got a steady stream of story the whole way and it was a lot of fun.

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