Hadrian’s Wall Complete

This morning I finished the last distance to complete the 90 miles Hadrian's Wall virtual challenge I started a month ago.


Run 2020.07.08

I looped around some at the end of my run to get some extra distance in. It has been feeling good to run longer when I have the time available.


Puuung’s I Miss You Episode 4

The fourth episode of Puuung's I miss you season of Love is in small things is another charming animated short that portrays moments from a long distance relationship.


Run 2020.07.07

It was another run down my typical route, but dodging assassins in Zombies, Run! kept it interesting.


Run 2020.07.06

I don't think I will ever tire of running from mushroom-infected zombies in Zombies, Run! It's just entirely my aesthetic. The only thing that could be a better match would be succulent zombies, but I might only be able to dream of those.



Michael Plondaya released Curio: A Relaxing Solo Collecting Game when a lot of folks were stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it's a charming, simple game of collecting strange things by rolling dice. Michael included some gentle nudges to do things that can help with isolation as a part of the game's rules and with so many of us still working from home it's a welcome way to focus on


Run 2020.07.04

It was a beautiful day to run along the waterfront, even if I was suffering the day after foolishly getting an awful sunburn.


Tidal Trail 15K

What motivated me to get out and run so much today was that I was working to earn the Virtual Tidal Trail 2020 medal I had ordered.


Run 2020.07.03 IV

My final run for the day took me back toward the bridge and home, all the while enjoying the end of the dinosaur-themed Dinosaur Dash virtual race.


Run 2020.07.03 III

The next run took me to Dartmouth Crossing, where I would drop off my phone, pick up a couple things and then head out again.


Pokémon: Twilight Wings Episode 6

This latest episode of Pokémon: Twilight Wings is a perfect companion to the first episode. It features the two boys from that first episode and packs in a lot of heart. The presence of Allister, one of the strong points in Pokémon, makes it all the more enjoyable.


Run 2020.07.03 I

I did my first run for the day in line with my recent routine, heading down Quinpool and on to home.


Run 2020.07.02

When work will be particularly busy, I find it's nice to get a run in first to get into a good state.


Conquer 2020 Virtual Challenge June

I ran more in June than in other months this year. The better weather has made it easier and more enjoyable to get out and run. I've made good process on my Conquer 2020 goals and will likely hit 1000 km a bit early.


The Dears – “Is This What You Really Want?”

The Dears' Lovers Rock album is stellar straight through, but I took a bit longer to warm to "Is This What You Really Want?" Now I enjoy it just as much as the handful of songs that I fell in love with on first listen.


Project 365 2020.06.23-2020.06.29

For each day I share a photo on my FrozenTruth.com account at apollo. Here are shots from the past week.


Run 2020.06.29

I've been heading down Quinpool most mornings lately. It's not an ideal street to run down, but I enjoy glancing into shops as I pass.


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