The other day we went and helped The Barefoot Farmer with the last of the butternut squash. Today on the equinox we're going to pick sweet potatoes, with some of those coming back to be stored. By helping him harvest his crop we also provide the community with a storage of food for the winter, and the joy of participating in mutual aid.

Living my best goblin life at the Garden in Tennessee, washing my ass with rain water and eating squash.

Is there anyone active with intentional communities on here? Or traveling, being a goblin, anything to do with the flesh world? I still don't understand this place just like the place I'm living in I want it to work better than it does. I just feel like I'm being autistic in the wind on here

In good news everyone we got invited to stay long term at the community we've been in and there's also a bus for us to renovate and make our home until we get our own bus. I cried for at least a half hour after the unanimous vote that me and Erin can stay.

I got access to data and just went about calling everyone a dork or cunt yet again but can you blame me when most of my life I have been surrounded by dorks and cunts

We made our way to Tennessee and now we're living our best goblin lives and smelling all sorts of people's pheromones.

Today is the last night in Illinois before heading to the intentional community in Tennessee. I might've told a few people they were cunts and I might've been very kind to those that were very kind to me. I might've even set up a frisky situation for when we come back to get our bus. I'd say it was a good day.

Both of these potent artifacts were secured today. The pink GBA is kawaii AF and I got it in a friendly trade with a local game merchant I've developed a relationship with. I gave the dude an old PS4 and told him to give me something that I would think was cool based off my previous purchases. Dude really knows me and my aesthetic and handed me this gem, then found the Shrek GBA video cart at another used game store.

We met so many kind people today at our leaving society garage sale. Sent plenty of items to a good home where these objects will be treated with respect. I know we made some good friends today even if it was our first meeting, and even if it was right before we leave this current patch of dirt. I'm looking forward to the other kind interactions we're going to have over the next few days before we leave Illinois.

Do something every day that is loving toward your body and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sensations of your body. ~ Golda Poretsky

the CDC says if you get covid, simply apply a few leeches to balance your humors!

cdc director: bong rip is it too late to blame covid on the gays or,

Sometimes bugs are fairies and it's important to always treat all creatures with respect and dignity. Not to be safe, just because it's the right thing to do.
I also wrote an instrumental track about this idea, I always welcome feedback if anyone wants to check it out!

Also dropped some extra loot while getting last minute supplies on these pride pops, I don't mind stimulating corporate greed and my own endorphins if some of the proceeds also go to a decent cause

In the middle of the Creature triple feature, just got taught a new spell by my oldest friend. They suggested I astral project into the homes of my enemies and just flip them off while smoking a blunt, sleep paralysis demon style. I feel myself a potent enough magus to attempt this endeavor just don't forget the protection rituals before and after

I am surrounded by dorks I may also be one of them send help

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