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The cis will never know the joy of being simultaneously Mom and Aniki

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Cocaine is great and all but have you tried Italian fencing drills
Seriously, doing this legwork gets me so *high*. Dread leg day? Tcheh! You just don’t know how to make it fun, haha.

“Just apply cognitive empathy! … …Wait, not like that, you’re applying it to the wrong person—”

I don’t get the human species.

“They’re not hamstrings they’re hamROPES”

Thank you, ex, for complimenting me. I know. I’m hot.

But yeah, I’m gonna have to get new spats soon… These are getting a bit tight. Can only hold so much thigh. I want a catboy to crush between my thighs

…These dolls are so good. I love their faces. And the staging is so good here, too! Alluring pink lighting…





Cowardly and pernicious betrayal—right before the union was obligated to disburse strike pay, too! The workers aren’t even getting $1 raise, and healthcare costs keep rising. Hope the workers continue striking. The Teamsters are traitors!

Why am I taking a course on CHNAs (community health needs assessments) and financial assistance policies… I’m not in charge of doing these reports so the hospital can stay tax-exempt. What does this have to do with me? I don’t care about the hospital’s relations with the IRS.

I. Did not read that the way it was intended.


I hope you're ready to slam on some desks, because we're gonna do some serious pressing here!


Wonder if it’s all right to really exist like this…

Oh well. Blood-filled cards we’ve been dealt, that we have to play with. Even if they’re not my blood… I’ll gladly play with them. It’s what I have, yeah?

Dance and some time this week the films he wants (“needs”) to watch…

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Sometimes when I look at him I actually *feel* like I’m alive, haha.

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It’s not the skirt so much as his entire being. His hair, his smile, his lips, his eyes, cheeks, arms, like the lithe branches in white boughs, thighs, the way he moves, leans, his fingers, the way he holds himself, as if he’s bracing his whole body for—what? Everything.


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…Craptastic. Why’s he wearing such a cute skirt? I can’t be productive if he keeps this up. [HEAVY SIGH]

In the midst of all our studies we must somehow make time for dancing! And in the midst of all our dancing we must somehow make time for study…

Life is tiring, I can’t keep up, it is like a dog, always chasing, eagerly, I am happy to chase it too. We all are. But we’re in dust!

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Let’s see. What else do I have to do? Lots of research papers I want to collate… Ohh, but I want to finish painting first! Bah. And we must catch up on the films of Lee Chang-dong.

Urk. So many films we must reacquire! Why does King want to watch Noroi again? Oh dear…

Apartment’s squared away. Stomach is full of barbeque fried pork and pickled beets. There’s tea. Bed is warm. I am exceedingly handsome and so are my kith and kin. I got free coffee today for being an essential worker. 4,000 deaths per day in this country. Others feel that, yeah?

Hay demasiados hombres atractivos y tenemos solo un maldito par de manos

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Instead of working on a portrait of a sexy man, I worked on a portrait of a different sexy man

Nosotros estamos jodidos. Todas nuestras vidas están jodidas

I didn’t find the references I was looking for.

Trying to absorb too many things. Need to narrow our focus massively.

There’s needless gatekeeping in too?! So it ain’t so! Suppose it’s good fortune then that we haven’t meet any birders in real life. We just go birding alone…

Let people enjoy the natural wonders that surround them. Birds don’t care whether you recall their Latin names.

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