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The cis will never know the joy of being simultaneously Mom and Aniki

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Cocaine is great and all but have you tried Italian fencing drills
Seriously, doing this legwork gets me so *high*. Dread leg day? Tcheh! You just don’t know how to make it fun, haha.

I won’t be using this account anymore. There are a lot of things I have to take care of and be honest about. If you see my art-following account, I probably won’t interact or follow back. My Discord account is being abandoned as well; I am keeping in touch with a few elsewhere.

My heart used to be swallowed by something else…

Despite everything, you made me happy, and I will never stop being grateful for that.

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“Though, I also wanted to draw myself happy with my friend.”

I won’t let this happen again. Ever…

…I wish I had gotten into Gestalt therapy sooner. Wow. Today’s been eye-opening.

I’m being teased now, but kids deserve… to be bragged about…

The way they light up whenever I talk to them is a wonder of this world. Why’d they come to me for support in the first place? And why’d I give it to them… To me, they were just another… excitable, troubled kid…

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The kiddo played volleyball today…! Even broke a sweat! That’s three exercises over the last four days…! That’s so much for them. POTS makes even getting up tough… Gosh. They better not push themselves too hard.

…I don’t really have anyone to brag to, but I don’t care.

Been a while since I’ve wanted to paint something so urgently. I finished the letter yesterday…

This is important. This is the bare minimum… They deserved better. I just have to take my sin on the chin and turn myself into a man my kid can look up to. That’s it…

That’s it.

“Whatever you’re feeling now is backdraft, from what you lost.”

Well if Kailey can do it, then so can I, right…?

{D} What do I have to do… to prove that I’m really here!

Guys, it’s not even the 4th yet. It’s the 3rd. *Please* don’t mix alcohol drinking with fireworks. Yes we already have ambulances going to people who’ve blown their hands off. [Sigh…]

Oh fuck, everybody in the system’s a lesbian now. Sheeeeeeeeit.

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Usually testosterone makes me gay (male), but I took mine the other day and it turned me into a lesbian.

Well. I’m not complaining.

My. Fucking. TYPE [slams desk]




One of my favourite creature illustrators makes human body horror, too?! Fantastic!




Snow on the road, and
Muffs on your ears
Cater your fears.
Keep running across the black ice—
It’s all right.
Icicles drip
It gets colder
And the light comes through ice
And leaves a spot on the wall.

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