Go forth and protest to those responsible for this reprehensible removal of bodily autonomy from half the U.S. population. Show these un-elected, life-appointed, anti-women justices that we do not, and will not, stand for this.

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The best action we can currently take is to make the Supreme Court justices lives as miserable as possible. A more short-term goal could be the formation of an explicitly pro-worker party. Long term? The dismantling of our incredibly undemocratic fascist system in favor of socialist politic and rule.

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As human rights in the U.S. continue to wither away, one should be aware that Roe v Wade is only the beginning. The repeal of this case signifies the eventual targeting of cases solidifying access to contraception, to LGBT marriage, and even to privacy itself.

Democrats have failed to codify these rights into law, and the GOP pushes to take more and more of our rights away. Neither party will suffice now; the answer is more complex

Slavery in the US continues to thrive even in 2022. The new slave drivers? The private prison industry in tandem with the U.S. state governments.


Capitalism is an ideology of parasitism, of the wholesale use and abuse of the working class for the exclusive benefit of a miniscule oligarch class.

Remember: it's your labor, it's your created value, so YOU deserve the profits. Anything less, and you're being EXPLOITED.

Speaks for itself. Cops claim to protect and serve and fail to do both.

Easier to get a firearm than to get proper healthcare in this capitalist dystopia.

Thoughts and prayers from these capitalist pawns are insufficient and fake.

Our deepest condolences go out to all the affected families in Uvalde, working-class brothers and sisters affected by senseless violence that our capitalist institutions failed to respond to.

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And to top it all off, Trump and Co. are set to attend one of the largest NRA events of the year shortly after this tragedy. Article for more:


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This is what happens when you combine:

- being constantly barraged by propaganda and far-right talking points, neo-nazism, etc

- inadequate or nonexistent mental healthcare due to years of GOP austerity policies and institutional middle-men (insurance companies, etc) in healthcare, which many cannot adequately afford (it shouldn't cost the populace anything at all anyway)

- incredibly easy access to firearms, the likes of which civilians should not need

When will the needless death end?

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In the aftermath of another school shooting, time for politicians to say "thoughts and prayers" and continue to do nothing to address the actual conditions that bring about terrible indiscriminate mass violence.

It only gets worse from here, unless the working class takes power, and radical revolutionary action is taken to form a more equitable society for us all. When will the common man reach their breaking point? Will fascism be their response, or will the Left collectively be able to respond to the eventual unrest and social upheaval Capitalism will bring upon itself?

Big companies gaslight the public and we eat up their corporate propaganda ever so willingly. Any company relying on the exploitation of the international working class to turn a profit does not deserve to exist.

Modern day slavery: replacing the whips with threats of lost healthcare coverage. Employment cannot exist in a Capitalist society without violence or threat thereof.

Capital cannot survive without the exportation of human suffering; corporate profits consistently placed above the material conditions of the worldwide working class.

Our "representative democracy" is neither representative nor democratic.

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